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OW! (Online Worlds) Entertainment is out to take advantage of the current and upcoming advances in technology to create the deep, immersive experiences of the future.

Entertainment over the last several years has been moving from passive watching to shared, interactive virtual reality. Audiences are becoming less satisfied with merely watching stories, they are looking to become part of and even affect the progress of the story worlds they love and are fans of.

OW! Entertainment plans to be the leader in the industry of creating and producing the highest quality experiences, geared specifically to the emerging VR and virtual worlds entertainment market.

We build better worlds. Rich, 360, detailed, expressly for VR, AR and traditional media

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WebVR and Consumer VR

WebVR and Consumer VR

Aug 01 2017

In the last few months, several online communities/social networks have appeared, offering consumers the potential to develop their own VR experiences. A…

Some Perspective on the Virtual Reality Scene

Some Perspective on the Virtual Reality Scene

Jul 10 2017

Virtual reality was the hypemeister of 2016. This year, we seem to have slid into the “trough of disillusionment” as mass consumer…

New VR IMAX Venue in LA, Google & HTC Team Up

New VR IMAX Venue in LA, Google & HTC Team Up

May 18 2017

Interesting industry news, despite the slowdown in VR hype these days… First, attempts at “cinematic VR” using 360 video continue. IMAX is…

BabylonJS vastly improves WebVR support

BabylonJS vastly improves WebVR support

Apr 26 2017

I’ve always like the BabylonJS (http://babylonjs.com) library for 3D web development, due to its simple design similar to game engines. With babylon,…

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