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OW! (Online Worlds) Entertainment is out to take advantage of the current and upcoming advances in technology to create the deep, immersive experiences of the future.

Entertainment over the last several years has been moving from passive watching to shared, interactive virtual reality. Audiences are becoming less satisfied with merely watching stories, they are looking to become part of and even affect the progress of the story worlds they love and are fans of.

OW! Entertainment plans to be the leader in the industry of creating and producing the highest quality experiences, geared specifically to the emerging VR and virtual worlds entertainment market.

We build better worlds. Rich, 360, detailed, expressly for VR, AR and traditional media

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VR Headset Growth (again) and the 8k Future

VR Headset Growth (again) and the 8k Future

Mar 25 2017

IDC, which publishes research on technology, recently let loose some PR around their Worldwide Quarterly Augmented and Virtual Reality Headset Tracker product. The…

ReactVR Links and When to Use Them

ReactVR Links and When to Use Them

Feb 20 2017

A short post … In Dec 2016, React got a new feature – ReactVR. This is a version of React with components…

New WebVR for 2017

New WebVR for 2017

Jan 20 2017

WebVR is a great entry into the world of VR development, especially if your shop currently is doing front-end web development. But…

Emerging Trends in VR and AR for 2017 – WebVR Becomes the Best Play

Emerging Trends in VR and AR for 2017 – WebVR Becomes the Best Play

Jan 14 2017

Techcrunch has a good article on the difference between VR/AR hype a year ago and information from the first year of consumer…

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