New VR IMAX Venue in LA, Google & HTC Team Up

May 18, 2017

Interesting industry news, despite the slowdown in VR hype these days…

First, attempts at “cinematic VR” using 360 video continue. IMAX is betting on the “theater” model for this, and is poised to open a “VR Multiplex” in Los Angeles this week:

VRC’s ‘Raising a Rukus’ to Debut at Imax VR Centre in Los Angeles This Week

Second, Google and HTC have teamed up. In particular, HTC, creator of the Vive (still the only VR headset that gives good “room-scale” experiences) will produce a non-tethered VR headset with Google Daydream.

Instead of the room-scale location system used by the Vive, the new headsets will use headset-based tracking, similar to Microsoft’s Hololens, and the Acer and HP “Mixed Reality” coming on the market later this year.

Other welcome news is that Chrome will support Daydream apps via the WebVR JavaScript api. This means that everyone can design VR in the browser, and have it load as a Daydream app!

Take advantage of the lull in VR – the second act is about to begin…

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