Some Great WebVR Videos

September 29, 2016

One of the most important things needed to appreciate VR is examples. The videos listed in this post will help you understand VR in general and WebVR in particular, especially if you don’t have a headset yet.

1. Recent Videos on WebVR:

A-Painter is an experimental 3D painting application in WebVR using the A-Frame library (

The following video shows an example A-Painter session using the HTC Vive headset.

A-Painter was developed using the A-Frame library ( The advantage of A-Frame is that it lets you write WebVR in HTML-like markup, instead of gobs of code. So, if you’re more on the HTML/CSS side, this video is for you:

Here’s a basic tutorial which will help you start to work with WebVR via A-Frame:

To date, WebVR has been for simple 360 scenes and 360 video. However, in the long run WebVR has the potential to create gamelike experiences comparable to those developed in Unity3d or Unreal Engine 4. To demonstrate, here’s a video showing how an advanced VR scene can be built using the BabylonJS ( game engine. And, if you’ve never used a VR headset, this will help you understand how things actually work:

Finally, if you’re a developer, the following video details the features of WebVR by one of its creators, Brandon Jones:

PS: you can find him, lots more resources, and the other creators at