BabylonJS vastly improves WebVR support

April 26, 2017

I’ve always like the BabylonJS ( library for 3D web development, due to its simple design similar to game engines. With babylon, it’s possible to get basic 3D apps up and running in about 1/2 the code lines of THREE, and 1/10 “vanilla” JavaScript. WebVR support has been promised for quite some time in Babylon, and it is finally here.

The upcoming version of BabylonJS fully supports WebVR 1.1. It also creates an elegant way of supporting VR – you simply swap in a WebVR camera if you want to go to VR mode, and swap in a standard 3D camera if that’s not possible. Babylon also has its own fallback – DeviceOrientationCamera – which could be used instead of trying to support the relatively klunky WebVR-Polyfill library. The DeviceOrientationCamera would also work great for Augmented Reality apps.

Documentation is also greatly improved. But, best of all tutorials!

And a sample:

Get to work…